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EBONY JO-ANN – affectionately known as ‘blackgold’ launched her long anticipated Blues CD "PLEASE SAVE YOUR LOVE FOR ME" during the Summer of 2015... 


This highly accredited singer and actress says that she never meant to let over 30 years in theater, film and television interrupt her recording career aspirations.  However, the timing of this CD is purposeful and perfect.  Over two years in the making, the politically charged album with its social commentary  represents a Blues soundtrack to the present day unrest. The underlying themes of love, tenderness and passion are exemplified in the title track - PLEASE SAVE YOUR LOVE FOR ME and GLAD I WAITED FOR LOVE - offset with the political and spiritual impact of IS IT BECAUSE I’M BLACK, NOSYBODY and BURNIN’ WORLD.


With an invitation from Nick Ashford, Ebony became a co-creator of Nuttin’ But the Blues night at Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar in NYC. The weekly performance showcase continues to be a Sugar Bar mainstay and is a tribute to his legacy.  Due to their belief in Ebony’s talent coupled with Valerie Simpson’s unwavering support, this blues cd has become a reality…… 


PLEASE SAVE YOUR LOVE FOR ME             Available on CDBaby


Blackgold Production   646.856.9124


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